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Pottery Classes

Pottery has always been something I've been interested in for the longest time. Coming back to Abuja and finding it was a local craft that was very much alive excited me. 
I wanted to learn but it just seemed as if there was no actual center for learning and that bummed me out a little. 
One day my mother had someone deliver pots to her in the shop. I struck up a conversation with him, could he teach me? What would I need? Was it difficult to learn? He reassured me that it was in fact possible if we had a pottery machine. 
I am not one to give up easily and I decided right there and then that I would make it happen. 

We've had Saturday Workshops for a long time now, but we are finally able to add long-term Classes for people ready to take pottery up as a hobby! 

We have a variety of classes to fit your preference from one-time classes for those looking to just experiment to see if it's something they would really have an interest in, to 4 Weeks Classes for the Avid learner. 
I've made the program flexible in a way that it works around what exactly it is you want and the time you have to put into it. Whether its one on one courses or you have a friend who is also interested and would like to share class slots. 
Do you want to come in once a week or a couple of times a week? Would you want your classes in the morning afternoon or evenings? Would you like to spend time practicing on your own?  

Our 2-hour lesson includes basic hands-on demonstration/Instruction on Centering, Opening, Pulling, and Shaping the clay. With Supervised wheel time you'll be able to form pieces on the wheel in no time; simple vessels out of clay like a small bowl, vase, or plate. 

To end your programme you'll also learn the process of firing your pottery work with our in-house firing Kiln. Our classes are open to everyone from age 13 and above.

Pottery 2
pottery 6
Pottery 4
pottery 5
pottery 3
Private Classes

Have one on one classes with our Ceramics teacher for a duration of 2 Hour every Session. 

Pottery Wheel
Two Per Class

Share your 2-hour session with one other person and make it more fun!

Saturday Workshop

Learn the Basics of Pottery in a day and make your very own terracotta pot in a 2 Hour Session of 4 People. Free Drink included!

Pottery Creations
Wheel Time

Spend time Practicing on your own with no instructor and build your skills over time.

Pottery Workshop
Try it Out

Not sure if Pottery is for you? Get a trial session with our teacher for an hour to know if it's the right fit.

Pottery and Craft
Group Session

Want to Have an event with your closest Friends or Family? Let us know when and how many you are and we will make it happen!

Pottery Workshop
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