Creamy Disaster

Its one thing baking in a kitchen with a professional chef always there to save your ass when you screw up and its another thing to be entirely responsible for your own kitchen and have no one to look to when you screw up; say that toffee sauce you swear you made that one time in class. Its easy to be disappointed when you look into your pot and its a wadding mess of something that's supposed to be creamy and yummy... your heart starts to race; what did I do wrong? and at the same time thinking do I still have more ingredients for another batch?, while still figuring how you can save it with the confidence in your ability dwindling as you whisk furiously as each second goes by. The thing is when something gets messed up, you doubt yourself first. You think you should just move on and so you do; you dump your pot in the sink and don't look back. You never think tho that there are other factors that could be responsible; you don't give yourself a break or maybe even two because, if you don't brave it again, if you do decide to quit you might never figure out that you weren't the problem. You'd never realize that some shitty brands of cream exist in the supermarket and you should stay away from them at all costs no matter how cheap they are, because when people tell you how yummy your sauce is, you think maybe, just maybe I could handle whats to come! So whats your cream?


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