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Hi There my name is Joanne and i just turned 25. I Have a Nigerian Dad And a Filipino mum; and I always have a crazy craving for Cakes. I left Nigeria in 2010 to study Information Technology for 4 years. I Loved it! but, after that, I wasn’t in such a hurry to come back to Nigeria so I enrolled in a 6 month course at the Academy of Pastry and Baking Arts in The Philippines, And I loved every bit of it; the months rolled by so fast and I never wanted the course to end. When it did, of course, it fueled my initial passion for baking and I was convinced I had to Come Home to start up my own PATISSERIE; “STROBRIE”... I was 22 at the time and It's been 3 years now and that dream is still very much alive thanks to you! 

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